May 22, 2019 | Gale Rose, Pratt Tribune

Skyline High School in Pratt has another reason to strike up the pep band in celebration, and it only took six months to happen. The band has been named the Most Spirited Pep Band in the United States. Varsity Brands does cheer camps and competitions across the U.S., including the state game day competition for Kansas State High School Athletic Association, has honored the Skyline Pep Band with this national title, said SHS Band Director Bob Lee.

The Skyline band was chosen from among nine finalists that came from across the country and some were much bigger schools than Skyline. Four of the nine finalists had student populations over 3,000 and bands that averaged 350 students including one band that had 425, Lee said.

There was one band about the same size a Goddard and one about the same size as Skyline plus one, a charter school, that was much smaller and their drum line was nominated, Lee said.

To be nominated, a list of criteria has to be fulfilled. A letter from the school’s cheer coach, Kim Lee at Skyline, and a student essay about the band, provided by Skyline student Adison Hampton, were required. A couple of photos were also submitted with the application. These were submitted online back in December 2018 and January 2019.
In February, Skyline found out they were in the running as a finalist for Most Spirited Pep Band. On Saturday, May 11, Varsity Brands held a big award ceremony at Walt Disney World.