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Spirit Matters

The power of school spirit

In a society battling depression, isolation and a growing gap in shared experiences, school spirit is a powerful antidote. At the heart of every educational institution, school spirit is a dynamic force for positive change that fosters community, builds character and cultivates vital life skills.

Engaged young people succeed with confidence

In 2014, Varsity Brands' research explored connections between school spirit and student achievement. Our latest research goes one step deeper and proves that school spirit contributes to students' success, with higher performance in many areas of their lives.

Maximize spirit in school

At a time when young people are facing unprecedented challenges, fostering school spirit is more important than ever. Here are five ways to see the benefits of increased school spirit:

  • Host school-wide events

    Implement regular school-wide events and activities that promote inclusivity and unity, such as pep rallies, themed dress-up days, and spirit weeks.

  • Foster student-led activities

    Encourage student-led initiatives to organize clubs and organizations focused on shared interests and passions, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  • Prioritize mental health

    Integrate mental health and wellbeing workshops and resources into school spirit initiatives to address the challenges faced by students and promote resilience.

  • Build student-led mentorship

    Develop mentorship programs pairing high-spirited students with peers who may be struggling, creating a support network within the school community.

  • Involve parents/guardians

    Collaborate with parents to reinforce the importance of school spirit at home and encourage active participation in school-related events.

Want to maximize your school's spirit?

The IMPACT Program

Involvement promotes youth success and confidence

In the Varsity Brands 2014 White Paper, we explored the connections between school spirit and student achievement. Research showed participation in extracurricular activities leads to improved academic performance, increased civic engagement, and overall happier students.

The impact of cheer

In September 2023, Varsity Spirit conducted a groundbreaking survey, comparing the lifelong outcomes of former cheerleaders to those in non-cheer sports and non-athletes in four crucial areas – physical wellbeing, self-esteem and perceptions, adaptability and handling adversity, and wellness in the workplace.

  • Physical wellbeing

    Investigating the long-term impact of cheerleading on participants physical health and fitness.

  • Self-esteem and perceptions

    Examining the lasting effects of cheerleading on individuals' self-esteem and how they perceive themselves.

  • Adaptability and handling adversity

    Delving into the survey respondents' ability to adapt and navigate challenges over time, and exploring the resilience and coping mechanisms developed through cheer.

  • Wellness in the workplace

    Assessing the influence of cheerleading on participants' overall wellness in professional settings, gauging how skills acquired in cheer translate to success in the workplace for former Varsity Spirit cheerleaders.