Aaron Hart is executive director of the Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) and currently serves part-time in SUNY Cortland’s Physical Education Department. He spoke this week with WXHC about social and emotional learning, which have never been more important — or more difficult — in the times of COVID-19.

During the interview, Hart shared helpful insights and actionable advice for kids, parents and educators.

His career began more than 20 years ago as a teacher in the New York City Public School District. Since then, he’s co-authored several nationally recognized curriculum projects specializing in web-based content delivery

The OPEN project was born out of a conversation with long-time friend, Nick Kline, becoming a reality when Hart joined BSN Sports in 2014.

It now consists of more than 100k educators and has served over 50M students worldwide with more than 4M downloads.

Hart also created the Varsity Brands “Believe In You” curriculum tools and student empowerment journals.

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