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Fairview High School Receives Branding Transformation through Varsity Brands

May 29, 2018

Farmers Branch, Texas – Fairview High School has partnered with Varsity Brands, which is comprised of BSN SPORTS, Varsity Spirit and Herff Jones, in a multi-year agreement through the IMPACT Program. The Varsity Brands IMPACT program, offers solutions for schools when they align with the best in class leaders in sport, spirit and achievement – BSN SPORTS for uniform and equipment needs, Varsity Spirit for all things cheer and dance, and Herff Jones for every graduation and yearbook need.

Once appointed as the Fairview School District Superintendent, Craig Church’s first district initiative was establishing a partnership with the Varsity Brands IMPACT Program. The goal was to rebrand the image of Fairview High School. The rich history and tradition of Fairview was in need of the value only Varsity Brands could bring to the district’s schools and their communities.

As a benefit to full partnership, Fairview High School received a free branding transformation, custom designed and delivered by VIP Branding - the school branding experts powered by Varsity Brands. Mr. Church was pleased with their end product, remarking, “Fairview Public Schools has enjoyed a great working relationship with VIP Branding Director, Helen Price, and her team. Together, we have come up with a master plan that incorporates the traditions and symbols that make our community proud while modernizing our brand. We feel like our new artwork strikes a perfect balance of tradition and a progressive outlook.”

Upon the successful completion of the Fairview High School logo refresh, VIP Branding became the trusted partner for the Fairview School District facility branding needs to deploy their new yellow jacket across all Fairview Public School campuses.


About the IMPACT Program

Varsity Brands launched the IMPACT Program in 2014 to foster pride in schools by encouraging participation, recognizing achievement, and building community and school spirit. By collaborating with educators, coaches and students, Varsity Brands representatives use the resources of the IMPACT Program to partner with the school to provide solutions to meet the unique needs of each school. VIP Branding, and IMPACT Partnership Resource, helps schools ensure that their brand appears consistently throughout their campus, from exterior signage to mascot appearance in murals, yearbooks, newsletters and beyond. Ultimately, the goal is to improve student engagement and community involvement through an identity so that all stakeholders feel pride and ownership.