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Shaping a bright future for tomorrow’s leaders

Our mission is centered on nurturing the next generation of leaders within our communities. We are dedicated to empowering young people to reach their fullest leadership potential through comprehensive support, including social and emotional learning tools, inspirational speakers, mental health resources, and philanthropic initiatives.

Empowering students with social and emotional learning

The Believe in You Student Empowerment Program is dedicated to fostering a proactive approach to mental health and cultivating student leadership. We offer a suite of complimentary tools and resources specifically designed to enhance key social and emotional learning competencies. Our aim is to strengthen school-wide connections and promote mental well-being across the entire campus. Through our engaging video series and thoughtfully crafted student journals, we support social and emotional development directly within the classroom environment.

Meeting young people right where they are

Experiencing motivational and inspirational talks firsthand is irreplaceable. The Believe In You speaking tour presents an unparalleled selection of professional motivational speakers dedicated to empowering and inspiring both students and administrators. Headlined by Kevin Atlas, our speaking tour is deeply committed to ensuring every student feels supported by someone who believes in them.

Joining hands to improve mental health

Students today are grappling with mental health challenges at unprecedented rates. Through The Collective, a group of mental health organizations, we offer free resources aimed at enhancing mental health and tackling the most significant issue facing this generation.

Helping students become leaders in their communities

Varsity Brands' signature philanthropic program supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This initiative connects students to their communities through school-wide fundraising and awareness activities for St. Jude. It unites students through a service opportunity to help them create a lasting impact on kids’ lives.   

Powering girls forward through SURGE

SURGE, BSN SPORTS new girls’ sports program, provides girls sports coaches FREE access to resources to help build your athletes’ confidence, motivation, mental wellness, and more. Because we know that where sports surge, success isn’t far behind.