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Elevating Leadership Blog

Hello, and welcome to Varsity Brands' leader blog Elevating Leadership, where executives across Varsity Brands share insights into their leadership philosophies, our company's culture and our commitment to empowering the next generation by elevating the student experience. Join us as we explore the importance of leadership and its impact on our communities.

The Power of School Spirit

As we engage with schools across the country, we see a common thread among students thriving despite the issues plaguing their generation: school spirit.  

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Leading with a Service-First Mentality

I’m Adam, the CEO of Varsity Brands, and I am thrilled to start this journey with you. As a leader, my philosophy – and indeed that of Varsity Brands – is centered on the concept of leading by serving first. This, to me, means putting the needs of others before your own to help people develop and perform at the highest level possible. This blog will explore how we embody this philosophy every day to uplift and empower the next generation.

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