Spirit Speaks to Students on the Field, in the Classroom
and Throughout Life

Spirit Works® is designed to elevate the student experience and raise school spirit
for the entire student body. Spirit Works® partners with schools by working one on one
with your faculty, staff and students to create a unified front aimed entirely at
promoting student engagement, achievement and, of course, SPIRIT!


A Spirit Makeover is the most comprehensive product of our Spirit Works programs. After an in-depth assessment of your school’s overall spirit, our Spirit Works team will make recommendations for improvement and create a plan for implementing your customized school spirit plan. We will then provide a follow up to measure progress, make adjustments, and offer additional options to help your school achieve your spirit goals. The Mission: Inspire. Engage. Transform.

  • INSPIRE! During a full day on-campus visit, a Spirit Works consultant will conduct a school spirit assessment by gathering data first-hand through observation and interviews with your leadership team, game day spirit staff, students and faculty. They will cover topics like school pride, achievement, attendance, and involvement to help us paint a picture of what it means, and inspire what it should mean, to be a member of your learning community.
  • ENGAGE! By communicating first-hand with individuals on your campus, the Spirit Works consultant will be able to identify areas that need improvement and create customized recommendations and specific goals for implementation. We will help to revive your school’s long-standing traditions, and even create new ones, that unify and engage entire campus community.
  • TRANSFORM! A Spirit Works Ambassador will visit your school for a spirit check-up to complete additional observation and interviews, and evaluate the progress toward your goals. We will provide new recommendations to ensure that short-term successes transform into long-lasting change.

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A Friday Night Game Day Video Evaluation is focused directly on elevating your game day experience for the entire student body and community. Your school will receive:

  • A visit from an experienced instructor to a home game of your choice to video capture your entire Game Day from pre-game until the final play.
  • An in-depth analysis from a Spirit Works National Director who will review and evaluate the overall atmosphere, including traditions, crowd involvement, spirit groups, and band.
  • Receive a written evaluation and speak directly with one of our Spirit Works National Directors to create a custom plan to elevate your game day experience.

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Spirit Works Pep Rally in a Box

Pep Rally in a Box provides everything you need for a successful pep rally!

  • Select one of seven themes: Back to School/Traditions, Homecoming, BLACK Out, Play-offs/Road to States, Basketball, Spring Sports, and Standardized Testing “Prep” Rally.
  • Each kit contains 50 spirit poms in your primary school color, daily announcement cards, a sample schedule with games, music suggestions, poster ideas and cheer words for the theme of your choice.
  • Ask about adding on to your kit to receive 50 spirit towels in your primary school color that say “Game Day” on them.

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