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Varsity Brands and El Toro High School Work Together to Rebrand School and Build Spirit

July 31, 2017

Memphis, Tenn. – The IMPACT Program of Varsity Brands, which is comprised of BSN SPORTS, Herff Jones and Varsity Spirit, has completed a rebranding project with El Toro High School, in Lake Forest, Calif.

El Toro High School faced a big challenge. Since the school opened in 1973, they had used so many different logos they struggled to keep track of them all. The campus didn’t have a coherent identity, with blank walls in the stadium, the classroom buildings, the front office, and the aquatic complex. Christopher Nguyen, Director of Student Activities, knew the school needed a singular identity, and sought help from the Varsity Brands IMPACT Team.

“El Toro High School has had amazing success, but they were working through some unique obstacles that were preventing the school from reaching the full potential of student and community engagement,” said Lee Tousignant, Regional Director for Varsity Brands’ IMPACT team. “With our diverse business units, we had the tools they needed to create a powerful brand and identity to foster strong school spirit and pride among the student body and staff.”

“Varsity Brands is our one stop shop for getting things done. El Toro High School has benefitted tremendously by working with them to transform our school,” says Nguyen. “They have completely synched and streamlined a variety of projects across campus, including branding, sport uniform purchases, and graduation items. We don’t have to spend time reaching out to different vendors to get something done. El Toro High School already feels as if we are a big part of the Varsity Brands family. Whenever we need something or need someone to talk to, Varsity Brands is there for us.”

Varsity Brands launched the IMPACT Program in 2014 to foster pride in schools by encouraging participation, recognizing achievement, and building community and school spirit.
By collaborating with educators, coaches and students, Varsity Brands representatives use the resources of the IMPACT Program to partner with the school to provide solutions to meet the unique needs of each school. VIP Branding helps schools ensure that their brand appears consistently throughout their campus, from exterior signage to mascot appearance in murals, yearbooks, newsletters and beyond. Ultimately, the goal is to improve student engagement and community involvement through an identity so that all stakeholders feel pride and ownership.