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Ridgeway High School and Varsity Brands Work Together to Boost Sport, Spirit & Achievement on Campus

October 9, 2017

Memphis, TN – Varsity Brands, which is comprised of  BSN SPORTS, Varsity Spirit and Herff Jones, has partnered with Ridgeway High School, in Memphis, Tennessee to create a visual environment that has transformed their campus.

“This partnership with Ridgeway High School is built on mutual trust and friendship. Dr. Stencel entrusts us with the privilege of serving his students, faculty, and staff,” said Steve Welch, Regional IMPACT Director. “We aim to deliver first class products in a timely manner, to help elevate their students’ experiences and foster wonderful memories at Ridgeway High School along the way.”

Dr. Stencel, principal of Ridgeway High School, is amazed at the service and outcome that IMPACT brought to their school. By partnering with IMPACT, Ridgeway benefited from a variety of facility branding products including a window mural from VIP Branding which the principal feels contributed a sense of belonging among the student body. “VIP Branding offers first-class products with custom artwork that is professional and collegiate in style. Not only was our rep attentive in the beginning, but I was always in contact with them until the day our products arrived – two weeks early, in fact. With these new products on campus, students have a sense of pride and belonging. They know they are Roadrunners,” says Dr. Stencel.

IMPACT makes a difference in schools nationwide and partners with them to provide resources to help them meet their goals. “As a principal, I don’t have the time to coordinate multiple vendors across our extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The one-stop-shop, all-inclusiveness of Varsity Brands provides ease to my daily responsibilities. The Varsity Brands service and sales team are phenomenal. They are readily available and always reliable,” says Dr. Stencel.

Varsity Brands launched the IMPACT Program in 2014 to foster pride in schools by encouraging participation, recognizing achievement, and building community and school spirit.

By collaborating with educators, coaches and students, Varsity Brands representatives use the resources of the IMPACT Program to partner with the school to provide solutions to meet the unique needs of each school. VIP Branding helps schools ensure that their brand appears consistently throughout their campus, from exterior signage to mascot appearance in murals, yearbooks, newsletters and beyond. Ultimately, the goal is to improve student engagement and community involvement through an identity so that all stakeholders feel pride and ownership.

Varsity Brands’ mission is to elevate student experiences and getting everyone involved on campus.  The company recently conducted research that illustrates a direct correlation between school spirit, community and school involvement, academic achievement and self-confidence.  According to a Harris Poll and subsequent White Paper published in 2014, 92% of principals agree that high school spirit is tied to high academic achievement, 90% of students with high levels of school spirit are more likely to be leaders, and that students with higher levels of school spirit perform above average academically.