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Glacier High School wins $10,000 from Varsity Brands

Glacier High School just won $10,000 in cash for the “Most Memorable Graduation” from Varsity Brand Spirit Awards.

The win was announced in Florida at a formal event on May 15th.  Principle Callie Langohr said the school had no idea they were going to win so the school didn’t send a representative down to the ceremonies.  During intermission at a play, Principle Langohr happened to check the live feed of the ceremony and saw Glacier High School had won!

Back in March Glacier High School’s Principle Langohr submitted a 500 word essay, emphasizing the grit and gratitude that Glacier High School has.  Hoping the school would have a chance at winning the “Most Memorable Graduation.”

This is the first year Glacier has submitted to be a part of the Varsity Brand Spirit Awards and did so because this year is the school’s tenth anniversary.

While submitting a video for final consideration, Principle Langohr noticed the competition was stiff.  With all of the competition Principle Langohr tells us the school counted on the beauty of Montana to get Glacier the win.

Principle Langohr explains, “Outstanding and incredible pictures of Glacier Park so we had the majestic mountains and snowfields, we had the raging rivers.  And so we think there was a little of Montana out there that hopefully appealed.”

Principle Langohr says the win is so new the school doesn’t know what they’re going to do with the $10,000.  Talk of installing new water fountains so students can easily fill their water bottles has been talked about.  With these new water fountains, the hope would be to reduce plastic waste, so students can use their own reusable bottles at school.

Principle Langohr says, the school hasn’t even made a formal announcement to the students yet about the win.  Principle Langohr says, the school plans on announcing the win soon.

With graduation around the corner on June 3rd, Principle Langohr tells us the ceremony is 95% done and will have skits, singing and dancing.  All done by Glacier students.

Source: ABC Fox Montana