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JULY 13, 2021

Dallas - BSN SPORTS, the nation’s largest direct marketer and distributor of sporting goods to the school and league markets and a division of Varsity Brands, today announced that it has launched a partnership with The National Academy of Athletics (NAofA), a youth sports camps and physical education-driven organization based in California and servicing over 300,000 kids through access to youth athletic and wellness programs. BSN SPORTS will serve as the preferred provider for The NAofA leagues and camps while outfitting athletes, parents and staff in Augusta and New Balance apparel and uniforms. NAofA members will benefit from exclusive agreement pricing, access to customizable product designs through BSN SPORTS’ Team Art Locker and online Sideline Stores, and yearly purchase rebates returned to the organization.

Ben Connery, Vice President of Sales at BSN SPORTS, said, “We are thrilled to partner with the National Academy of Athletics through this agreement, which compounds the service-driven mission of the NAofA to provide kids with genuine opportunities to learn teamwork skills, healthy lifestyle habits, and ultimately have fun while maintaining physical activity. The NAofA’s focus on creating opportunities for kids and students to unlock the physical and mental benefits of team sports aligns powerfully with BSN SPORTS’ mission to provide coaches with the tools and resources they need to impact athletes’ lives on and off the field of play – further fueling our passion to continue seeking creative and innovative means of driving the team sports industry forward. Given this shared vision, we welcome the opportunity to enhance the experience of the NAofA by providing exclusive access to premier product lines and benefits to their members, digital coaching resources, program branding tools and products, and simple team gear purchasing platforms to increase engagement of coaches, athletes and communities alike.”

The partnership, which will begin suiting kids, coaches, and staff this month, also tabs BSN SPORTS as the preferred equipment provider for the NAofA’s over 100 locations throughout the state offering an array of sports, camp, and physical education platforms. NAofA members and coaches will also have access to a custom BSN SPORTS partnership resources page for dedicated support and product access.

Aaron Locks, Founder and CEO of the National Academy of Athletics, commented, “The NAofA is excited to join our new partners – BSN SPORTS, New Balance, and Augusta – who not only offer quality with affordable pricing, but also truly support our mission and believe in our approach to teaching kids valuable life lessons like perseverance, leadership, and teamwork through sports. Between the high-performance manufacturing offerings of the brands, the investments in top-notch service, and the infrastructure to support our many locations, these partners were the ideal choices for our organization. Together, we share similar philosophies on the impact of sports in a kid’s life and this partnership will help the NAofA provide an easy solution that delivers the quality offerings that our staff and kids deserve so that we can focus on getting more kids active, playing hard, and having fun to continue leading healthy lifestyles.”

“Like BSN SPORTS, we are committed to getting kids up and moving again. This partnership allows children to learn, grow and enjoy a multitude of sports all taught by the amazing team at National Academy of Athletics. We’re excited about the impact that we can all make together in families lives,” added David Goerke, Vice President of Marketing at Augusta Sportwear Brands.

“New Balance proudly supports the efforts of the National Academy of Athletics in teaching children valuable skillsets on and off the field. We are excited to offer premium New Balance products through our affiliation with BSN SPORTS,” concluded Doug Liberta, General Manager of Sales for New Balance Team Sports.

If you would like more information regarding partnership opportunities with BSN SPORTS, please contact BSN SPORTS Vice President of Sales, Ben Connery at

About the National Academy of Athletics
The NAofA sport programs for kids are specifically designed to help players of all abilities. The goal is to have tons of fun, learn sport-specific skills, and gain confidence on and off the field. We teach children about success, failure, and what it means to be part of a team. Our coaches provide an enthusiastic place for kids to fall in love with their chosen sport. All programs are led by a highly trained team of NAofA Certified coaches and instructors who are carefully selected to ensure each camper’s safety, skill development & individual enjoyment. We encourage all our campers to play with confidence, enthusiasm and a love for the game. Learn More at