Letter from CEO Matt Rubel

September 6, 2016

Matt Rubel - Varsity Brands CEOI have had the privilege of meeting and working alongside our passionate Varsity Brands
team. The collective energy, creativity and focus is clear. It is apparent within each Business
Division – BSN SPORTS & allgoods, Varsity Spirit and Herff Jones – and across divisions in
programs such as IMPACT and the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards.

Our goal is to be a high-performing team at all levels, deliver great results to our customers
and have fun along the way. With that in mind, we have reexamined our vision and mission, as
well as our values, at the Varsity Brands level. It is my pleasure to share them with you today.

To inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for young people.

To be the leading organization that empowers young people by encouraging participation, recognizing achievement
and building community and school spirit.

We believe we have a clear and compelling vision, and possess the great talent to bring it to life. To advance this vision and
fulfill our mission, we are committed to five driving values:

  • Be Passionate. Bring energy, creativity, focus and purpose into your work. Share it with your customers, teammates
    and community.
  • Show Respect. Give it with sincerity; receive it with humility.
  • Do the Right Thing. Act with thoughtfulness and integrity. Our reputation will be built upon it.
  • Be Accountable. Own what you do and how you do it.
  • Achieve Greatness. Deliver your best and work together as a team with speed, innovation, quality and excellence.

We are dedicated to creating a positive environment where we can freely express ourselves, where we embrace diversity
and inclusion of all kinds. While we are flexible in the way we achieve our goals, we are committed to them in a steadfast
manner, person by person, customer by customer, team by team and in total.

Individual excellence is celebrated at Varsity Brands, while team collaboration is paramount to win together. Each Business
Division has its own personality, its own culture and brand. We do, however, come together with one set of values to unlock
and live by our broader vision and mission.

Together, we are Varsity Brands.

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Matt Rubel
Chief Executive Officer