The Student Empowerment Summit is a 3-day asynchronous event designed to empower students with the resources, enthusiasm, and leadership tools needed to plan a local event for Mental Health Awareness Month (May).  Programming materials provided by Varsity Brands and Believe In You, Erika’s Lighthouse, Look for the Good Project, and Crisis Text Line.  Click our Summit Resources to tap into FREE resources for you and your students.

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All throughout the month of May, students across the country are running Mental Health Awareness Projects on their campuses! From informational posters to inspirational quotes, students are initiating mental health conversations. Click on each photo below to view some of the Mental Health Awareness Projects!

Is your school running a Mental Health Awareness Project? We want to hear about it! Click the button below to contact one of our Collective team members. 

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Hidden Valley High School | Hidden Valley, OR

Students worked together in March to create Mental Health videos and then collaborated with the Video Production class to produce a Mental Health Awareness video that will be shown to the entire school. The video features tips and tricks to do for your mental health and interviews from students and staff members. Click the video to watch the Mental Health Awareness Video.

Learn Charter 9 School | Waukegan, IL

The students worked together to bring more Mental Health Awareness to their campus. Students created inspirational quotes and words of encouragement and hung them up in the hallway for all to see. Middle and Elementary school students made inspirational origami and Encourage-mints for the entire campus. Click the photo to view the Inspirational Wall.

Lakeside Lutheran School | Lake Mills, WI

The students in the Mental Health Awareness Club worked together to bring different types of Mental Health Awareness projects to their campus. They ran bracelet sale fundraisers, hung artwork throughout the halls, held student-led presentations and hosted a Christian Counselor to speak, and ran a pajama day to bring more fun to the school. Click the photo to view some of the Mental Health Awareness Projects.

Hidden Valley High School | Hidden Valley, OR

The students researched, created, and hung Mental Health Awareness posters all throughout their campus. The posters include facts and statistics about mental health and contact information for support. In addition, the students passed out and wore green ribbons on their shirts and in their hair to promote and symbolize Mental Health Awareness Month.  Click the photo to view some of the Mental Health Awareness Posters.



We gave away 50 Calm Strips to 16 lucky schools and 4 Believe In You Professional Development Sessions for free to those who registered for the Student Empowerment Summit! The Calm Strips are textured stickers that students are able to put on phones, laptops, water bottles, notebooks and more. Our Collective design will guide students through a deep breathing exercise when they need a moment to center themselves. Congratulations to all of our lucky winners! 


Watch the recorded webinar here! We're excited to provide the recording of our kickoff webinar to help you plan your Student Empowerment Summit – powered by Varsity Brands and The Collective.

In this webinar, Aaron Hart, VP of Curriculum & Program Engagement, and Jessica Falkenhagen, Assistant Principal of Hidden Valley High School, showcase the summit agenda and teacher resources. Click the button below to check out all of the Student Empowerment Summit Lesson plans and resources.

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