Empowerment Program

Social and Emotional Learning remains a top priority for Varsity Brands as students, faculty, and staff return to campus this year. The Believe in You Student Empowerment Program, designed around core SEL competencies, provides free resources to help teachers facilitate social and emotional development. Interactive Student Empowerment Journals are now available in both free digital form and physical printed journals for purchase. Staff development is available to help bring the program to life, and campus branding solutions provide positive reinforcement with empowering messages throughout your school.




Empowerment Journals are easy to implement and require little instructional time. Every Monday an empowerment statement will be delivered during morning announcements or in your classroom. This statement sets the tone for the week and provides context for the coming journaling prompts. Teachers provide students 5 to 10 minutes to complete the day’s journaling exercise. For schools with a regularly scheduled advisory period, or for those who choose to implement the program in health or physical education classes, empowerment discussion prompts are provided to help teachers extend the journal’s social and emotional lesson in a restorative circle exercise.


Show students you believe they can accomplish anything with NEW Social & Emotional Learning Empowerment banners. These inspired NEW designs work hand-in-hand with Varsity Brands Student Empowerment resources to elevate your campus while promoting health and healing in kids. Banners are customized with your school’s branding.

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As schools work to reopen for the 2021-22 school year, the social and emotional needs of students, teachers and school staff members cannot be overlooked or overstated. The Varsity Brands Student Empowerment Program is designed to bridge the gap and teach students, teachers and staff, social and emotional competencies in a safe, empowering, and healing format. Daily journal prompts focus on the exploration of emotions, learned optimism, and the development of growth mindset.

Journals are created with a grade 3 through 12 vertical alignment with intentional structure that literally puts the entire school and district community on the same page. Use this form to contact us to order Empowerment Solutions!

Quantity (sold in packs of 25) Cost per Pack (per book)
Classroom (25-250) $175 ($7 per book)
Small School (275-500) $157 ($6.20 per book)
Large School (525-1,000) $141 ($5.67 per book)
Sm-Med District (1,025-5,000) $127 ($5.08 per book)
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Staff Development Training

Our team is ready to help you bring this program to its full potential! In a live, 90-minute webinar, OPEN National Trainers will guide your teachers and staff through program implementation with essential SEL concepts. Use the form to schedule today for the low price of $925.



Journaling has been proven to effectively manage anxiety and improve mental and emotional health.

Students benefit when journals are used as a tool to improve group dynamics in classes or small groups, as a problem solving tool, and as a tool to encourage emotional healing (Allan & Bertoia, 2003).

In 2020, Children’s Mental Health Research Quarterly reviewed 42 studies that showed randomized controlled trial evidence of success in reducing child symptoms or diagnoses – and that did not require face-to-face practitioner contact.

42 studies were reviewed, and 3 trials were selected as effective in treating childhood anxiety. ALL 3 utilized journaling as a tool for treatment (Simon Fraser University, 2020).