NEW Social & Emotional Learning Empowerment Program

An extension of the Varsity Brands Believe in You Video Series and Speaking Tour, the Believe in You Social and Emotional Empowerment Program now offers a student empowerment program rooted in SEL competencies for grades 3-12. The program includes free research-based SEL resources as well as Student Empowerment Journals to help students process emotions and find optimism throughout the entire 40-week school year.

Journals are available in free digital formats, or as physical printed journals to support the SEL needs of all students.

Believe in You Video Series

Believe in You® is an episodic series designed to educate students and staff about the incredible power of believing in yourself, despite the challenges and trials that life may present. Hosted by Kevin Atlas,and starring personalities from around the country who have overcome personal challenges to accomplish the  extraordinary.

Videos can be viewed in class as a group, or on any mobile device. Each of the 9 episodes per season lasts for eight to eleven minutes, and is accompanied by lesson plans and activity guides to take the conversation further and spark critical thinking.

Believe in You Sideline Store

Want customized Believe in You Program apparel? Visit the official Believe in You Sideline store to shop top brands and products.

Believe in You Tour & #BelieveinYouChallenge

Our mission is for every student in America to have someone who believes in them. Kevin has spoken to nearly 300 schools, but we can’t be everywhere! That’s why we’ve created the Believe In You Challenge. In this new virtual world, we may not be able to pack the stands at a game or a performance, but we can still let those around us know we believe in them.

  1. Share a post on social media with or for someone that you believe in
  2. Express why you believe in them & use #believeinyouchallenge
  3. Ask them to challenge 3 friends to keep the positivity going