National School Spirit Day2019-09-16T13:16:32-04:00

Celebrating the Power of Spirit

National School Spirit Day celebrates the power of school spirit
and the positive impact it has in schools and communities across the country.

This year, National School Spirit Day is September 20, 2019, and kicks off
the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards – the search for students, staff and high schools
across the nation that go above and beyond the definition of spirit. Varsity Brands will
award $100,000 across 25 categories, including $3,000 to each category winner
and a $25,000 Grand Prize for America’s Most Spirited High School.

Join the Celebration!
1. Host a pep rally at your school.
2. Spread the word about the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards.
3. Start working on your entries.
4. Share your spirited moments using #SpiritMatters.

Award Categories