2018 Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to all winners and finalists of the 2018 Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards.
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WINNER: Carlsbad High School (CA)
At Carlsbad High School, school spirit means participating in student activities, cheering on all sporting teams and groups, dressing from head to toe in purple on game days, and coming together to form “Lancer Nation”. While students race to secure a spot in the student section immediately after school for a 7 PM game, the spirit doesn’t stop at sporting events. Students organize various programs during lunch to participate and feel part of a group where they might not normally fit. These students rise above the crowd, and this has propelled them to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted.

Meet the finalists:
Carlsbad High School (CA)
Fort Walton Beach High School (FL)
St. Michael-Albertville High School (MN)
Timpview High School (UT)
Whitko High School (IN)

View video entries from the 2018 finalists.

WINNER: Whitehaven High School (TN) – Tyler Hunter
Tyler Hunter embodies a competitive spirit on and off the football field. When he’s not serving as the motivational Captain of the football team of Whitehaven High School, he is inspiring his peers in the classroom. He leads by example with a 4.0 GPA, tutors students struggling in courses, serves as Cadet Battalion Commander of the Tiger Battalion and immerses himself in community outreach programs to solve local community issues. The courage to display such character on the football field as well as in the classroom shows how much integrity he has for the things he believes in.

Meet the finalists:
Alabama School for the Blind (AL) – John McCaa
Bingham High School (UT) – Kendzee Cloward
Chariho High School (RI) – Maddie Potts
Clarksville Academy (TN) – Cambree Reed
Gallatin High School (TN) – Chloe Warren
Hanover High School (VA) – Jordan Ellett
Hershey High School (PA) – Ryan Nerino
Hershey High School (PA) – Elizabeth Zeiber
Hilmar High School (CA) – Carter Azevedo
Rock Canyon High School (CO) – Sam Masten
Romeoville High School (IL) – Peyton Camden
Sabis International Charter School (MA) – Khadir Zachery
Scripps Ranch High School (CA) – Sabrina Drobeck
Slidell High School (LA) – Abby Songy
Whitehaven High School (TN) 
– Tyler Hunter

WINNER: Crawford High School (CA) – Kelcie Butcher
Kelcie Butcher overemphasizes to the athletes at her school that “It is not just a game you’re playing, it is teamwork, communication, leadership, commitment and determination that you are learning.” She exceeds expectations by closely monitoring athlete’s grades to make sure they stay on track, working with a local community health center to conduct on campus physicals for students who have a hard time seeing a doctor and finding grants for the school in order for students to access the equipment they need. The tender, loving care she has for her students is shown on a daily basis at the school.

Meet the finalists:
Crawford High School (CA) – Kelcie Butcher
Culpeper County High School (VA) – Patricia Oliver
Hershey High School (PA) – Scott Govern
Lake Norman Charter School (NC) – Matthew Schlegel
Muenster High School (TX) – Brady Carney
Murrieta Mesa High School (CA) – John Broussard
Olympic High School (WA) – Nate Andrews
Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA) – Richard Schaaf
West Bend East High School (WI) – Dennis Ziegler
Willard High School (OH) – Joe Crawford

WINNER: Bingham High School (UT) – Cynthia Cox
While being a part of Bingham High School, Cynthia Cox has attended more than 4,300 games, been a part of 47 state championships, taped over 30,000 ankles and completed 10,000 evaluations. In addition to a full teaching schedule, she’s constantly on call for any medical emergencies that take place during the school day. Cynthia is instrumental to more than just athletes, she also does CPR training classes for ANYONE at the school because she wants people to be prepared. Bingham’s athletic success is a tribute to Cox’s ability to get athletes healthy and keep them healthy.

Meet the finalists:
Alma High School (AR) – Patricia Webb
Bingham High School (UT) – Cynthia Cox
Jamestown High School (VA) – Amanda Miller
Olympic High School (WA) – Scott Peck

WINNER: Eastmont High School (WA)
The Eastmont High School Booster club is a group of volunteers who are enthusiastic about bridging gaps between the community, parents and school to benefit all. This fun, loving group is dedicated to improving the EHS student body and athletic programs by providing financial support for requests such as equipment, uniforms, rooter buses, game time experiences, annual scholarships, and so much more. They capitalize on relentlessness, togetherness, community spirit, pride, culture and being fans for life.

Meet the finalists:
Eastmont High School (WA)
Germantown High School (TN)
Hueytown High School (AL)

WINNER: Gilbert Classical Academy (AZ)
The choir students at Gilbert Classical Academy not only sing at various concerts and performances, but they also sing to spread awareness and send messages about important issues in school. This group organized an assembly and performed a song to address the issues of bullying and hate, as it is a growing issue among many schools. These students shared real-life experiences of bullying and hate, and turned it into a way to spread affirmation and worth to their peers.  This group’s dedication to the art of singing lifts the spirits of the students and teachers at Gilbert Classical Academy, and make the school a better place.

Meet the finalists:
Bingham High School (UT)
Crean Lutheran High School (CA)
Gilbert Classical Academy (AZ)
Minot High School (ND)
William Allen High School (PA)

WINNER: Glacier High School (MT) – Grady Bennett
Grady Bennett took a football team that was defeated in their season, and implemented an outstanding regimen of preparation, academic achievement and character development education to completely turn the program around. Coach Bennett’s greatest gift, however, was to provide his team with a purposeful character education program called Pack Strength. Teaching the proper way to treat women and the use of social media are a small sampling of specific lessons that his players receive. His philosophy towards the game has helped countless young boys grow into productive young men.

Meet the finalists:
Bingham High School (UT) – John Lambourne
Bullitt East High School (KY) – Nathan Fulghum
Chapin High School (SC) – Vicki Williams
Costa Mesa High School (CA) – Kori Johnson
Dover High School (OH) – Courtney Rees
Glacier High School (MT) – Grady Bennett
Germantown High School (TN) – Chris Smith & Logan Rebstock
Green Mountain High School (CO) – Clint Boston
Jupiter Christian School (FL) – Lynette Sawyer
Louisa County High School (VA) – Mark Fischer
North Charleston High School (SC) – Megan Barbee
Port Arthur Memorial High School (TX) – Kenny Harrison

WINNER: Assumption High School (KY)
The “Pink & White Game” at Assumption High School has evolved over the last ten years into the most anticipated event of the school year, in an effort to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Administrators, athletic personnel, faculty, and students come together to plan and execute this monumental game, including behind the scenes oversight, game day volunteers, and faculty who coach and supervise the over 150 seniors who participate on the football or dance teams. Since its inception, the Pink & White Game has raised over $220,000 for the Norton Cancer Institute Breast Health Program, living up to the game’s motto: Four Schools, Two Rivalries, One Cause: Everyone Wins!

Meet the finalists:
Assumption High School (KY)
Eastwood High School (OH)
Douglas High School (NV)
Dutchtown High School (LA)
Lausanne Collegiate School (TN)
Northern Bedford High School (PA)
Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA)
Troy Athens High School (MI)

WINNER: Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA)
Graduation at Santa Margarita more than a one-day event that happens once a year; this annual affair lasts several days. With all of the memorable events leading up to graduation day, the most important one is the night before graduation. The seniors celebrate the Baccalaureate Mass; a very powerful moment, as it is the students’ last Mass together. Graduation is the most special time of year at Santa Margarita where all are involved to celebrate student achievement.

Meet the finalists:
Carolina High School (SC)
Murrieta Valley High School (CA)
Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA)

WINNER: Youngker High School (AZ) – HollyAnne Hubbard
For the past four years, HollyAnne Hubbard has reinvented the mascot role by giving The Horse a complete makeover with big bow, a colorful tutu and has taken it to the school and community to spread Youngker High School spirit and pride. She could see the incredible impact The Horse was having in the school, and took it to a numerous amount of local community outreach programs, including Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Awareness and Stranger Danger programs for young children. HollyAnne has made the Youngker Horse mascot the quintessential symbol of community and school pride.

Meet the finalists:
Bingham High School (UT) – Jenicee Jacobson
Fayetteville High School (TN) – Seth Moyers
Henrico High School (TN)
 – Daquan Wiggins
Pearsall High School (TX) – Presley Rodriguez & Lauren Shafer
Springville High School
 (IA) – Dara Hoskins
Youngker High School (AZ) – HollyAnne Hubbard

WINNER: Ramona High School (CA)
The students in the Dynasty Band and Color Guard at Ramona High School provide entertainment and service via performances at all football games, competitions, parades and special events on and off campus. As a group, they exemplify “the spirit of sound”. This group has performed at the state, national and international level, to which their performances fill an extensive professional resume.  Despite participating in 70 different TV shows, movies and commercials, this group makes the time to excel in the classroom. Above all, their main priority and favorite opportunity is setting the experience at Ramona High School

Meet the finalists:
Bingham High School (UT)
Crescenta Valley High School (CA)
Hershey High School (PA)
Ramona High School (CA)
Richland High School (TX)
Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA)
Temple City High School (CA)
Willow Canyon High School (AZ)

WINNER: Athens Christian School (GA) – Bruce Hockema
Dr. Hockema truly understands the essential link between school spirit and student achievement at Athens Christian School. He helps students and teachers feel important and a part of something special every single day. Dr. Hockema proves his school spirit by supporting students and faculty in every way, whether in academics, extracurricular activities or athletics. He illustrates this by serving as the Principal, AP Calculus teacher, Pre-Calculus Teacher, Bible Study Teacher, Varsity Soccer Coach and more. Dr. Hockema has created a culture of high expectations with his immersive style, and is an integral part of students’ lives in the classroom, on the field, on the court, and in everyday life.

Meet the finalists:
Athens Christian School (GA) – Bruce Hockema
Central High School (CT) – Eric Graf
Chattooga High School (GA) – Jeff Martin
Rome High School (GA) – Eric Holland
Saline High School (MI) – David Raft
Whitehaven High School (TN) – Vincent Hunter

WINNER: Vista PEAK Preparatory (CO) – Samantha O’Neill
Samantha has made an immediate impact on students at Vista PEAK by helping with organizational skills, coaching coping skills, career and college planning and most importantly, being a positive role model. She is involved with all of the students in school each day, as well as supporting them on the sidelines after school. Samantha’s love of all things Vista PEAK is apparent and evident in her tenacity to see the students grow, learn and support their high school.

Meet the finalists:
Highland High School (UT) – Karrie Jarrett
Trinity Area High School (PA) – Tia Burns
Vista PEAK Preparatory (CO) – Samantha O’Neill
Winchester Community High School (IN) – April Rogers

WINNER: Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (CA)
“Song & Yell” has been a school tradition for over 70 years at Galileo Academy. It kicks off with Spirit Week and ends on Friday with a competition between each grade level. Song & Yell is a tradition that transforms the school community. It is the one time of year when all the sports teams come together and get recognized. It is the one time of year when the football stands are filled with students, staff, and faculty cheering each other on. Song & Yell is the one event where the entire school body has that Galileo Lion Spirit.

Meet the finalists:
Anoka High School (MN)
Bingham High School (UT)
Carlsbad High School (CA)
Covington Catholic High School (KY)
Crean Lutheran High School (CA)
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (CA)
Hendersonville High School (TN)
Marietta High School (GA)

WINNER: Louisa County High School (VA)
Louisa County High School administrators decided the fall pep rally should focus on more than just the accomplishments of athletic teams. Instead, it should be a celebration for all. The school implemented a historic anti-bullying, district-wide pep rally. The results of this monumental event inspired another initiative, known as the “High 5 Club”, as ways to spread kindness throughout the school, as well as raise money for prosthetic hand research. Louisa County High School’s staff and students work together to make this pep rally not just a major success, but one of the most unique events in the nation.

Meet the finalists:
Bingham High School (UT)
Champlain Valley Union High School (VT)
Downey High School (CA)
Louisa County High School (VA)
Seekonk High School (MA)
Shelton High School (CT)
Trumbull High School (CT)

WINNER: Rifle High School (CO)
The Rifle High School cheerleaders exemplify sportsmanship and respect to each other, coaches, referees and especially opposing teams day in and day out. They consistently treat each away team visiting Rifle High School with a warm welcome by providing gifts, offering to join them on the 30-yard line during the National Anthem, and accepting the idea that you don’t have to win the competition to be a champion. The way they conduct themselves in their school and community each day is a testament to what it means to be a Rifle High School Bear.

Meet the finalists:
Emmaus High School (PA)
Oakland High School (TN)
Rifle High School (CO)

WINNER: Randolph-Henry High School (VA) – Wallace Stokes
Wallace Stokes is Randolph-Henry High School’s go-to person for students, staff and administration. Between his multiple positions within the school, he also immerses himself in other responsibilities, such as covering classes for teachers, driving buses to extracurricular trips, painting and maintenance of the school over breaks, washing fleets of busses, making popcorn for everyone on Wednesdays and so much more.  Mr. Stokes has an unending well of enthusiasm and passion for Randolph-Henry High School, the students and its moving parts.

Meet the finalists:
Baxter High School (IA) – Anette Sult
Crean Lutheran High School (CA) – Shannon May
Randolph-Henry High School (VA) – Wallace Stokes

WINNER: Bingham High School (UT) – Tyler Hewitt
Tyler is an ever-present fixture at Bingham High School events. At any Bingham event, Tyler’s voice is always the loudest. His favorite thing to do is support others, whether it be at a basketball game or a musical, he is always there to support his classmates. He believes strongly in the power of teamwork in order to unite our school, so he started a new club this year called the Pit Crew, a club that the sole purpose is to get every student involved, in and out of the student section. Tyler encourages involvement at Bingham and the community because he believes in the power of service so deeply.

Meet the finalists:
Bingham High School (UT) – Tyler Hewitt
Columbia High School (FL) – Andrew Godbold
Fayetteville High School (TN) – Eli Dotson
Jackson Liberty High School (NJ) – Electra Miller
Jacksonville High School (AR) – Zach Estes
Madison High School (ID) – Dillan Egbert
Madison High School (ID) – Parker & Preston Weber
Narragansett High School (RI) – Sarah Sweet
Putnam County High School (GA) – Jada Burke
Temple City High School (CA) – Vivian Chong
Winchester Community High School (IN) – Kyle Ullom
Woodstock High School (IL) – Jack Berry

WINNER: El Modena High School (CA)
The El Modena High School Student Government takes on the responsibility of coordinating events like Spirit Week, International Week, Sporting Assemblies, the Student Section, etc. The Student Government is dedicated to keeping the stands full, rowdy and respectful of opponents and their fans. The El Modena Student Government has created a culture of inclusiveness for all students. There are not only elected positions in this Student Government but also appointed positions to ensure everyone is represented. This group knows they are more than just students, they are the role models on campus that set the tone for how to carry out school pride.

Meet the finalists:
Bellevue West High School (NE)
Bingham High School (UT)
Chapin High School (SC)
El Modena High School (CA)
Newberry High School (SC)
Palmerton Area High School (PA)
Timpview High School (UT)
Troy Athens High School (MI)

WINNER: Louisa County Public Schools (VA) – Doug Straley
Doug Straley has set high expectations for Superintendents all over. Between his commitments to school-themed bow ties, his own train horn to help the crowd celebrate at athletic games and his extensive “Thank You” videos each week to highlight the accomplishments of his staff, students and community, his devotion to his school’s culture is unrivaled. Mr. Straley also helped to implement the historic, district-wide Anti-Bullying Pep Rally across six schools that evolved into Anti-Bullying days that occur every other month. Doug Straley’s example at Louisa County Public Schools is invaluable.

Meet the finalists:
Louisa County Public Schools (VA) – Doug Straley
J Sterling Morton School District (IL) – Tim Truesdale
Terrell Independent School District (TX) – Michael French
West Washington School Corporation (IN) – Keith Nance

WINNER: Carlsbad High School (CA) – Tod Muilenburg
At Carlsbad High School, Tod Muilenburg creates an ideal environment for living and learning. His classroom has been transformed into a natural habitat for snakes, lizards and other animals, his annual Marine class trip is to Catalina Island to explore marine life at a new level, and he personally provides students opportunities to improve the world around them. He teaches students by immersing them into the real world to see and experience it for themselves. Tod Muilenburg goes above and beyond what is expected as a teacher and gives students the chance to make memories they will never forget.

Meet the finalists:
Beech High School (TN) – Amy Edwards
Carlsbad High School (CA) – Tod Muilenburg
Charter Oak High School (CA) – Summer Nixon
Cleveland STEM High School (WA) – Teresa Scribner
East Limestone High School (AL) – Jennifer Janzen
Glacier High School (MT) – Stephanie Hill
Perry Central High School (IN) – Mary Hagedorn
Putnam County High School (MO) – Megan Hines
Weber High School (UT) – Wendy Barney

WINNER: Broken Arrow High School (OK) – Sean Cunnane
Sean has served as an incredible resource to other students and a vital addition to the volleyball and basketball programs.  Everyone on campus knows Sean, and the coaches, staff and players appreciate his dedication and concern for their sport. Sean attends all home sporting events and often travels on the spirit bus to away games to support the Broken Arrow Tigers. He is the volleyball and basketball players’ biggest fan, but they are also definitely the biggest fans of his. Sean plays an irreplaceable role in Broken Arrow Athletics.

Meet the finalists:
Broken Arrow High School (OK) – Sean Cunnane
George Stevens Academy (ME) – Ethan Snow
Las Vegas High School (NV) – Derek Timput

WINNER: Mesa High School (AZ)
The students on the Yearbook Staff at Mesa High School impress their school each year. It takes a village to cover every sporting event, 100 clubs and activities, 20+ performing arts groups and a variety of school and community events for 3,600+ students. Without the hard work and dedication of the yearbook staff for over 120 years, the memories of the alumni that have made their mark on the Mesa community, would not be documented and bound in a yearly award-winning publication that thousands of family members have shared throughout their lives.

Meet the finalists:
Bernards High School (NJ)
Brentwood High School (TN)
Mesa High School (AZ)
Vista Ridge High School (CO)
Winchester Community High School (IN)

WINNER: San Clemente High School (CA)
The San Clemente cheerleading squad embodies the motto at San Clemente High School – “One Town, One Team.” The Triton cheerleaders illustrate the development of leadership skills, self-discipline and positive relationships through respect, trust and teamwork, and demonstrate these values equally in performances, competitions and sideline support.

WINNER: Rock Canyon High School (CO)
The Rock Canyon pom team shows that spirit doesn’t just happen . . . it must be built. The Jaguar standard is to provide students with successful, meaningful extracurricular experiences, high academic achievement, representation at all athletic events, trusted relationships and a supportive and spirited community at Rock Canyon High School.

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